FAQs - Puffed Lotus seeds

Q: Are Puffed Lotus Seeds plant based?

Yes, Puffed Lotus Seeds come from the aquatic flower Lotus and is plant-based. The Lotus is also known as the bean of India and is completely edible, from its roots, to petals to stem to seeds.

Q: Do Snacker Yogi Puffed Lotus Seeds contain any allergens?

None of the 11 priority allergens , as declared by Health Canada and Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), are used in the making of Snacker Yogi - Puffed Lotus Seeds.

Q: Are Snacker Yogi - Puffed Lotus Seeds fried?

No, they are roasted. 

At Snacker Yogi we believe food is a fuel provider to human body.  Frying increases fat content and lowers the fiber content of any food. Therefore, we roast the Puffed Lotus Seeds snack to maintain to nutritional content of it. 

Q: Are Snacker Yogi - Puffed Lotus Seeds natural?

Snacker Yogi - Puffed Lotus Seeds are completely natural and are seasoned with simple and clean ingredients, with out using any artificial preservatives. 

faqs - Yellow Pancake

Why is it called 'Yellow Pancake'?

The name Yellow Pancake comes from the core ingredients, namely Chickpeas flour, Lentil flour and Turmeric. These ingredients have three different shades of yellow, when mixed together, it delivers wholesome goodness of mother nature. 

How is Snacker Yogi - Yellow Pancake different from the other gluten-free pancake mixes?

The Snacker Yogi-Yellow Pancake is naturally high in protein and low in carbohydrates with added portion of antioxidants.  

How can Snacker Yogi - Yellow Pancake mix can be used other than making pancakes?

There are multiple ways, Snacker Yogi - Yellow Pancake  mix is used. One can use it in making pancakes, crepes, as frying batter, and much more. Refer to our blog 'Snacker Yogi - Home-cook'  for many interesting and kids-appealing recipes.  

How much is the protein content in Snacker Yogi - Yellow Pancake?

A regular size Snacker Yogi - Yellow Pancake  contains 10 gm of protein, along with the other health benefits of turmeric and Himalayan pink salt.